Smoked mozzarella and mixed mushroom risotto

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After a lovely Saturday morning wandering around the Noordermarkt Biologische Market (Organic Market) I came home and cooked a dinner with some of the delicious produce I bought there.

My friend raved about the Smoked Mozzarella and so I *had* to get some and then while walking past the mushroom stall I knew it was risotto time.

I fried off some garlic and onion with a mix of mushrooms that included some fancy mushrooms bits like oyster as well as garden variety brown buttons. When they were soft I set them aside and, using  the same pan to make the most of that mushroomy goodness, made a risotto using some very nice organic vegetable bullion and chardonnay.

When the rice was cooked I added the mushrooms back in, and topped it off with the grated smoked mozzarella. (I love smoked cheese, garlic, fish… you get the idea.) A little cracked pepper and olive oil and it was ready to eat.

I had a glass of chardonnay with mine, and Loverman had a Hoegaarden with his – he thought it was an excellent match!

The risotto was delish! And you don’t just need to take my word for it. Loverman said “There’s a party in my mouth” and then did the dishes. Love it.


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  1. all smoked goodness, just not actual smoking!


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