North is False

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Songwriting is a very curious thing. Each time I finish a song I’m amazed, relieved and secretly scared that I’ll never be able to do it again.

Some songs are like a gift that I unwrap and there is the song. That’s all the effort it takes.

Some songs are like a massive lump of rock which I’ve had to carve the song out of, very carefully, making sure not to ruin it.

This song came the hard way. It was a bit of a fight at times, but I think it was worth the effort.

This year I’m aiming to write and record a song a month. This is March’s effort. (The video needed some April time.)

See what other creative types have been up to here.


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  1. very beautiful song. very touching.

    Mark Blasini

  2. haven’t listened yet but you should link this in to our creative spaces too

  3. This is a beautiful sang and I love it. Mournful and haunting-my 2 favourite adjectives. I love this blog. Why didn’t you show me earlier?
    keep up the singing it is lovely. xx

  4. Gosh I’m just in awe of people who write there own music – very beautiful!

  5. Hi Naomi – I have come to you via Our Creative Spaces as I was so delighted to find you adding music into what it otherwise a crafty oriented creative space each week.

    What a hauntingly beautiful song – and your voice has a lovely timbre (sorry if I have used a totally wrong term there, but I hope you know what I mean).

    I also am encouraged by your ethos “Creativity is the Creator’s will for me” – what a simple but effective phrase around which to create an abundant life. xo

  6. the song is gorgeous of course and I know there are many more in there to come!

  7. Beautiful. Are you the pianist? Or is loverman?

    • That’s Alex’s skill there. He wrote the music and played all the instruments. I’m responsible for the melody and lyrics and some creative suggestions along the way!

  8. Absolutely beautiful – both your words and your voice. Such a treat. x

  9. This is a wonderful song, both the lyrics and your voice are hauntingly beautiful. I’m glad I found you on Our Creative Spaces 🙂

  10. suzanne oommen

    This is so lovely, sweet, and yes haunting.


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