Fabric heaven!

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Today felt like Christmas day.

A friendly neighbour around the corner owns a building which he rents out to several businesses, one of which is owned by a man who sells wholesale fabric to retail stores. I asked what they do with the off-cuts and our neighbour said he has loads and that they just “throw them away” – insert horrified scream! So I asked if I could have them (people don’t think that kind of question is at all cheeky here in Holland) and he said he would ask for me.

Today he dropped off 6 garbage bags of fabric. I was expecting mainly small pieces of furnishing fabric, but there were at least two bags of pieces of over 2 metres (both stretch and weave), not to mention some clothing samples. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!(Oh and wearing the top I just finished making in the weekend in this photo too.)

The only downside is there is no reason to buy fabric again for the next year – maybe even the rest of my life. Thank the Lord I can still buy notions!

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  1. Problem is where do you keep all this when you live in a shoe box? x

  2. wowsers!! SCORE!! Love the top too

  3. Wow! Lucky you! Your new top looks great

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  6. I see a part of my new handbag and my new dress too!!!!

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