Broken Man – and my first ever giveaway!

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This is our latest song. It’s called Broken Man and it’s essentially a song about disappointment, although I always like it when people read into songs their own meaning, so find in it what you will.

For those of you that are interested in the process, my better half comes up with musical ideas, I write the lyrics and the melody. He arranges, mixes and produces the final effort and usually at some point we drive each other a bit crazy with *unsolicited feedback* along the way!

We record in the lounge of our 55m2 apartment trying to avoid the sound of planes landing at Schipol Airport which we are under the flight path of. We use (and when I say “we” I mean my husband!) a Zoom H4N, a Shure Beta58A, a Nord Stage, Reaper and Reason and a truck load of creative thinking 😉

We make our super high-budget videos using a Canon digital camera (photographic not video), free footage we find on the net and a really bad editing programme Windows Movie Maker – much pulling out of hair and sighing!

And now for the giveaway! So exciting.

I am giving away a digital copy of our EP which at present contains 7 tracks including Broken Man.

You can enter a whole lot of ways:

  1. Go to our Bandcamp page, listen to the tracks and comment back here telling me which is your favourite.
  2. *like* our FB page and then comment back here to tell me you did.
  3. Share the Broken Man video on FB, Twitter or your blog and comment back here to tell me you did
  4. Comment on one of our YouTube videos here and then comment back here to tell me you did.

Every comment you make below telling me about one of these actions will get you a entry and for every 20 comments below I’ll give away another copy of the EP.

I’ll announce the winner(s) next Monday (May 28) so check back here on Monday to see if you got lucky.

Linking in with lots of other very creative types here.
I share my creative space on Village Voices


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  1. My favorite is still ‘North is False’ but I do like this new song ‘Broken Man.’ Zane and I both like this the best. haunting always wins for me!! xx

  2. awesome I will have a listen and let you know!

  3. Hey Naomi! I liked your Facebook page! And looking forward to listening to your tracks. 🙂

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  5. Penny Tkaczuk

    Beautiful to listen too, love it. Cousin Pen

  6. My three year old and I really enjoyed listening to your music. Each time that a new track started, she commented and told me that it was pretty- high praise from a 3 year old! I think our favourite was Heart of the Matter, but it was very close between them all!

    • Hi naomi, thanks for your comment on my bread pist. Im astonished so few people have oven there, why is that?! I cant get the songs happening on my iphone so will pop back tommorow for a listen, its great to have some musical craft on our creative spaces x

      • @Max bennett: It’s a puzzle to me too. Two theories – much of the savoury cooking is done on the stove top. My husband told me the first time he saw a friend’s mother use the inside of the oven he thought it was weird! Also, very few people bake here. Very sad. Thanks for the nice comment.

    • Excellent – we need to make sure we are keeping succession in our listeners! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by again.

      • To clarify @tartankiwi “Excellent – we need to make sure we are keeping succession in our listeners! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by again.”

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