Wardrobe Wednesday – my denim philosophy

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Although I like to think I’m one of those people who wears original outfits everyday in actuality I mainly wear jeans. With this in mind a few years ago, I started to buy expensive jeans thinking it was a good move price per wear. But I discovered something: expensive jeans do not equate to better quality jeans or more stylish jeans or even more ethical jeans. Now I buy jeans I like.

While on an unplanned detour at a train station in January this year I bought a very cheap pair of jeans at a shop called Vila and I have LIVED in them. So now I know we will not be staying here (a long story for another day) I thought, maybe I should get another pair. And guess what, they had a deal if you bought two pairs – so I bought two hence the slightly unconventional colour.

I think I will get a lot a value for wear from these under €30 jeans!

Outfit breakdown:

Top: hand made; jeans: Vila; boots: TradeMe; necklace: old earring of my grandmother’s. Rosy cheeks: homemade with a good scrubbing in the shower!

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  1. I don’t buy expensive jeans, I buy ones i like. I have two pairs of these jeans that I have had for years. They won’t go around my tum at the moment but they are used a s a guage when I am dieting. The thrill I get when I do finally fit into them – unrivalled.

    • Ah yes… the skinny jeans! I have to say when my jeans are so impertinent as not to fit me anymore (regardless of whose fault it may be) they get kicked out of the house very quickly!

  2. Nice jeans and cute cheeks!

  3. ha love the rosy cheeks! coloured jeans are very big at the moment so you are ‘right on trend’!! I realise I’ll be losing half my wardrobe when you return!

  4. I’m loving the cowboy-esque boots tucked into jeans look!

    • I seriously think cowboys should consider apple green jeans and floral t-shirts. There’s a lot to be said for the classic denim/flannel combo they sport, however a change is as good as a holiday no?!

  5. so true, i buy only mavi mona mid rise and wear them all the time. I get nervous when the knees start wearing thru thinking…what if they don’t make them anymore! i have yet to get into coloured jeans, tho your pair are very appealling in my fave colour x

    • It was either that or hot pink, neon orange, or metallic silver – all of which I felt were a little ‘Whitney dressed as Britney’. The green was a good compromise and for some reason I’m really feeling green at the moment. Glad to know I’m not alone!

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