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My blog is rather dominated by sewing posts at the moment. Rest assured we have a song on the way, and also I will endeavour to photograph some more food soon but in the mean time please indulge my frenetic pre-emigration sewing output.

In between leaving Holland and returning to New Zealand we will be ‘on the road’ for five weeks. And a lot of that time will be spent in Cambodia. I have to confess I don’t enjoy heat! I’m not a sun-worshiper and tend to get a little testy when overheated. Part of my coping strategy is knowing when I’m going to be hot and wearing the right clothing. So I’ve been making some travel wear recently.

I’m a low-maintenance traveler. I don’t bring makeup, heels or fancy clothes with me when traveling unless I know that an evening out somewhere swish is on the cards. My travel wear reflects this. I wear shapes and colours that I might otherwise consider not my best work. Comfort at all costs is my mantra!

I got the opportunity to road test three garments from my Travel Wear ’12 collection over the last few days in the very hot and sunny city of Barcelona (try not to hate me too much!) I was very pleased with how they fared.

Pictured: Harem pants – homemade; black T – free; jandles (thongs) – free; skirt – homemade; white singlet (tank) – free; green dress – homemade; green shoes – market find; bag – vintage from a shop Antwerp. Art by Gaudi and Miro.

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun in beautiful Barcelona. Travel clothes look like they worked well. xx

  2. Yes we had a lot of fun. What an incredible city!

  3. Firstly thank you for such a sweet comment on my blog! I’m with you on the travel thing – IMHO you have to be prepared to sprint through an airport carrying your luggage to catch your connection, so less is definitely more. I think these garments just prove you don’t need all that window dressing – ‘makeup and heels’ to be stylish. I love the kelly green dress and I really love the shape of that linen? two tone (dare I say ombre??) skirt – it looks so cool and comfortable.

    • Nice – I actually just had to look up ombre which is always fun, and I think we can dare to say that, yes, the skirt is ombre! I feel very stylish with responses such as this, so thanks.

  4. looking great. Love the dress and the skirt. Sorry I didn’t get back to you with the tapas place – just got back from hols. Did you love Barcelona??? You look very stylish for travel actually

    • I would have thought the harem pants were totally you ;-)!!! LOVED Barcelona, what an amazing city. Didn’t need to buy a new suitcase but made the most of the local offerings though!

  5. Wow “Travel Wear ’12 Collection”! That name only tells me a lot!
    Nice pics. We are looking forward to Cambodja as your dedicated audiance…..

  6. My favourite things in this post are 1) you in the first photo! and 2) that two-tone skirt. Lovely lovely lovely.


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