Wardrobe Blues

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It’s nice to be able to finally join in with the new host of Wardrobe Wednesday, my lovely sister.

My clothing is currently on a ship wending it’s way back to New Zealand. How I miss my special friends! Consequently I’ve been wearing the same two pairs of jeans for the last four weeks and occasionally raiding my mother’s wardrobe when needed. Another perk of living with my parents. She also has one or two items in her wardrobe that I have made so they are a guaranteed fit.

This week I made a cute wee jacket. I wanted to make it from stonewashed denim but couldn’t find it ANYWHERE! Quelle horreur! So I found some nice denim-ish cotton in a somewhat checkout-chick blue and lined it with some very cute 80s fabric of my gran’s that had been languishing in my sister’s stash. Win-win. (It’s a trial run for a version I plan to make in raw silk that I bought in Cambodia. Watch this space.)

It’s not my best work as an overall outfit but I’m very happy with the jacket and my first ever lapel! Not an easy job.

Outfit breakdown:

Jacket – handmade; merino dress – handmade; longsleeve white t – secondhand; blue ballet pumps – trademe; jewelery – vintage; perky attitude – stylists own.

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  1. Especially like the perky attitude! Great sewing too.

  2. LOVE that smile !! !! Knowing Miriam and having met your Mum once I think it runs in the family !! !! !!
    GORGEOUS outfit – especially LOVE the grey merino dress!

    • Thanks Cat!Yes we are a smiley bunch that’s for sure. I made the merino dress a few years ago and left it in Mum’s wardrobe while we were overseas. It’s a great autumn/spring dress. Glad you like and thanks for your lovely comments.

  3. great fit, love the turned back cuffs and I am so impressed with the collar they are so hard and mine never sit that flat!

  4. Gah, the limited wardrobe while waiting for boxes to arrive – I know your pain (only problem was that when our boxes arrived from the UK (way back in 2009), I was too pregnant to wear anything inside them!).

    Love the little jacket and the dress is gorgeous. Clever-sewing-ness obviously runs in your family!

  5. So clever! Both dress and jacket are so versatile, love it!


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