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I’ve spent some time this week getting ready for the advent swap. How exciting!

And pop over here and check out my A Suitable Boy review for 1001 Books.

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  1. Ooh lucky zara! I’m loving getting my advent swop ready-such a brilliant idea. I hope you’ll blog your advent gifts, i’m itching to know what people came up with (25 ideas is quite a lot!) x

    • It’s so much fun isn’t it? I will blog but maybe a full list at the end so as not to spoil the surprise. Zara has been very easy as she has such cool taste and lots of collections.

  2. So much fun to be had. xx

  3. awesome. I totally didn’t manage a full photo of the before

  4. This is a brilliant idea.
    When I read your blog and see the picture that make me feel very happy and hope.

  5. I wrapped all 25 of mine last night
    Can’t wait to pop them in the post
    I was thinking I might blog mine every 5 days . . . .


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