It’s my party

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It was my birthday this week. I’m a big fan of birthdays, mine and other people’s.

It was particularly good one this year (although last year wasn’t too shabby either). Drinks and morning tea with lovely friends, a family lunch with my the family where the nephews wanted to know what games we had planned. We played Musical Statues and then they popped 40 party poppers!

On the actual day my lovely husband took me out for lunch in the sunshine and gave a beautiful necklace he bought for me in Cambodia. Instead of a card he made  an acrostic poem of the entire alphabet about me. *LOVE*

Outfit breakdown:

Silk dress – second hand; belt – borrowed from Mum; tights – birthday present from one of my GFs; shoes – Number 1 (very old); necklace – birthday gift; birthday high – stylist’s own.

(Considering the need for more makeup after seeing these photos. I am getting on a bit I guess!)

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  1. you look great. I love that the birthday high was your own!! Love the colour on you and the way it makes your eyes pop x

  2. Glad you had such a happy day/week. xx

  3. LOVE that outfit!
    Red suits you and matching lippy too

  4. Now THAT is a dress fit for birthday week. Awesome x

  5. Love the slightly 40’s vibe of this dress. And your present is lovely

  6. Happy birthday (a bit late :-)) What a great birthday card alternative.
    Love the dress, the red looks great on you.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!! Which date was the lucky one? Big Hug Ingeborg

  8. You’re beautiful! A very happy belated birthday to you. I knew it too – so sorry I forgot. I really do think of you every day. I absolutely love, love, love Alex’s gifts for you. I may have to steal that idea. Jeroen will love a necklace from Cambodia. Uhh… I mean… the ABC’s of love of course! 😉 Hugs and kisses. Hope the birthday high sticks around for a while. Bless!

  9. A happy belated birthday from me too. I love birthdays and I am just like a big kid as I get so excited in anticipation days ahead awaiting the little gifts and cards and kind words people give to us on our birthdays.The love poem is especially gorgeous and thoughtful and you look dazzling in red. Xx


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