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Today I’m sporting two looks. The first is what I wore to work, and is a summer trench coat I made with this beautiful vintage linen that I found in my sister’s stash. The pattern is Simplicity 2311. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern wholeheartedly because of the Project Runway element that gives you so many options of how to customise the pattern that it includes the fabric required for the sleeves separately on the back of the pattern. Some VERY clever cutting was required. There was also a lot of “Follow instructions 3-9 for view A” which means a lot of toing and froing with the instructions – not the simplest Simplicity I’ve ever used. However, I’m happy with the result and can see myself using the pattern again now that I’ve worked some of the bugs out.

And the second look is me unpacking our suitcases that just arrived from Holland today. Yes, I’m wearing a gnome hat. I felt a festive accessory was needed! (And it’s a La Chouffe gnome hat – a very nice boutique Belgian beer – s0 it’s not without it’s creative merit.) It was so nice to see my clothes again, and a great relief to find everything was in one piece, except the shoes which were in two pieces as God and fashion intended.

Outfit breakdown: Linen coat – handmade; jeans – Vila; pashmina scarf – Cambodia; pohutakawa earrings – Little River Gallery.

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  1. Love the jacket and the picture of you unpacking your suitcases squee how exciting

  2. Nice seeing you at the picture again…(as excited as you were unpacking your own clothes…) Hug Ingeborg

  3. ps:
    check the next “thuismetingeborg Blog” to see some more of your in Holland clothes….they are transformed into…..
    Up Cycling is what I call it….
    I did lose some weight but not THAT much to fit into your jeans…..

  4. looking great – that gnome hat photo reminds me of all our Christmas morning photos!

  5. Glad to see you looking happy with your stash. xx

  6. I’m so impressed that you made that coat (and a little jealous)! My little one is scared of my sewing machine so I haven’t sewn anything in more than a year. One day soon perhaps…

  7. I’m so excited for you that your things have arrived! And the coat is amazing.


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