Shopping mishaps

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Pop does the shopping online. Consequently there are sometimes mishaps. Like last week when he accidentally ordered 1kg of root ginger! Not to worry. It was a great excuse to make crystallised/candied ginger. Which is delish and will be coated in chocolate at some point too.

I also made a batch of my own biscuit/cookie recipe – Wholemeal chocolate chip and pumpkin seed. It’s been ages since I made them, and boy are they good. Sometimes I use sunflower seeds too, but unfortunately when these were ordered from the supermarket 500g of VitaPet Sunflower Seeds in Husks turned up! Oops! It will keep the birds in the back garden happy though.

As we’re getting near to Advent, I thought I’d have a little giveaway. I was given this pattern by a friend as she accidentally got two. It’s just not me. I know it won’t suit my shape so I thought I would have a little giveaway. I’m happy to post internationally so if you want to win this pattern, leave your email address and a comment below with a story of one of your own shopping mishaps. I’ll draw the winner next week so the pattern can arrive before Christmas.

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  1. Those cookies were gooood! đŸ™‚

  2. My husband ‘accidentally’ bought a television that was about a foot wider than the one we had agreed on. Well he said it was an accident, but I have my suspicions!

  3. my shopping mishaps usually revolve around buying that thing on sale that I kind of love but is the wrong size and never wearing it …

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  5. i am probably far too late for your giveaway but have to share this shopping story! My Dad was in the supermarket the other day when he walked past a lady at the pasta section struggling to pull a packet from the rack.She eventually asked if she was on Candid Camera!Needless to say,she was quite thankful when my Dad took the packet,turned it sideways and smoothly took it from the shelf!That was one interesting (and very funny ) shopping trip! Have a great day!

  6. I’ve just found your blog – I somehow ordered 8kg of carrots instead of 800g! Yikes – luckily they let me return the rest, but as it was on Christmas eve everyone was joking about feeding the reindeer!


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