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It’s great to spend New Year’s Day finishing sewing a dress. It feels like I’ve already accomplished something!


This pattern, New Look Workroom 6070 is a wee doddle to sew. I checked out some reviews online first which led to me shortening the split (SOOO high – seriously!) but not much other information. Then I measured the pattern peices and cut out a size bigger than I usually do as the pattern fits tightest through the waist where I am a full size bigger than anywhere else on my body. I’m glad I did this as I found the pattern to be uncharacteristically small for New Look. I also added a bit of length through the bodice by using 1 cm seams. I’m very happy with my new LBD and will definitely be making this pattern up again in a nice bright print.


Recently I was approached by Firmoo to review some of their glasses frames – um very exciting!! I wear glasses for reading and have some nice plain frames, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to push the boat out a little and try something fun – red. I will be taking them in to my optometrist to get lenses put in as I think it’s time for new prescription. However you can upload a prescription on the Firmoo site too as well as shop for sunglasses or fashion frames. As an offer to my readers they are offering frames for the cost of shipping only so you can check it out here if you’re keen. I’m very happy with my new frames and look, they match my shoes!


Joining in with my lovely and stylish sister here.

And over here for the first time:

 Show & Tell Thursday's

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  1. Dress and glasses look fantastic. The style is perfect! Great work. xx

  2. Great dress and glasses! And what’s better than red shoes? Love your style !!
    It’s time like this that I’d love to be able to sew.

  3. You look awesome the dress is such a great shape and fit and the glasses and shoes!! Rocking

  4. Love the dress! Would love to have your talent! Also, loving those red shoes sooo much! New follower from blog hop!

  5. Love this style of dress. And well done on sewing this.
    You look lovely.

  6. wow, so impressed with your dress and love those frames and shoes too!! Nice!!

  7. Wow You look lovely!!!!
    Nice glasses too….

  8. Love the matching shoes and glasses – and that you are wearing black – I do love a lbd

  9. wow, you look seriously stunning! Love the dress, love the glasses and love the red shoes!!!

  10. The dress turned out lovely! It’s great paired with the red accessories, too. πŸ™‚

  11. LOVE the dress! It is beautiful and you look lovely in it. And those red frames are so much fun. πŸ˜‰ (I love Firmoo!)

  12. Awesome dress, frames and shoes! Great look! And thanks for linking up! πŸ™‚

  13. beautiful fit and fabric on that little black dress, very classy, and i have red show envy!

  14. Lovely dress and love the matching shoes and glasses!

  15. Visiting from Show and tell. I love the dress. Can’t wait to see your other variations

  16. Love your pics!! I am sure you’ll be loved by many on world’s 1st eyewear styling community β€”β€”, could we have the honor to see you there?

  17. WOW, I love this glasses!

  18. super cute and sexy black dress πŸ™‚

  19. OK so how did I not know about this blog till now? And snap my glasses are red too! Love you.

  20. I love it! Did you line your dress?? I read your review before starting on my 6070 – thanks for the tips on lengthening the slit! Very much needed.

    In case your interested – here’s my result here on my new kate corrie sewing blog (eek)

    Only thing is – i couldn’t get my skirt pleats not to puff out – how did you manage this?

    • Hi Kate, thanks for your lovely comment. Your dress looks stunning! In response to your questions: No I didn’t line either version (haven’t got around to posting about my second version) and I just steam ironed the pleats. They still puff out side on or when I look down on them from above, but from front on it looks great so I don’t worry. It’s a great pattern huh?!


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