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It’s been a while

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There’s a blog I follow that hasn’t been updated since last year, and I started to think “What’s happening” which led me to think, I hope none of you are thinking that way about me.

You may have noticed I haven’t been around for a while, everything is OK with me, but I’ve just been questioning where blogging fits into my life. Primarily it was an outlet and connection method for me when I was overseas and not working and wanting to have a virtual show and tell every couple of days with someone, anyone, you guys. Now, we’re back in NZ, I’m working and there’s show and tell a plenty in real life.


I also found myself thinking “I could do that and it would give me something to blog about” and “I should take a photo of A B or C so I can post it”… Not a great reason to be here. I’ve decided my motto for the year is Just Say No. It’s really hard for a self described over achiever like me, but it’s a good challenge. So far so good, but I do feel a real sense of OUGHT and SHOULD sometimes. Trying to let go of that.

To that end, I won’t be here much, but I will still post occasionally and I still enjoy seeing other people’s blogs and stories.

Thanks to all of you that have supported and encouraged me – I appreciate it!