When I was 11 years old we had to make a personal crest at school. Mine featured a white unicorn rearing up out of a wave with the sun rising in the background. The words Dream – Believe – Create were written underneath it. It was clearly an indication of the life I was to live.

As a creative person I find it easy to think I must have an idea I know will work before I start to create. That’s why I decided to reverse my maxim to make it Create – Believe – Dream. I want to actively and intentionally create my way into the life I dream of.

I try and live a life that is daily creative. It might just be in the things I’m lucky enough to do for a job – sing, act, write and teach. Or in those things I do for a fun – reading, art, craft, a spot of gardening. Or just in the things I need to do every day – make and eat food, and get dressed. I plan to talk about all of it here.

This blog is to also remind me to live the life I dream of, by living every day with the ethos of  Creativity is the Creator’s will for me.

Feel free to create along with me.

Naomi www.naomijoy.co.nz

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  1. Welcome to the great world of the creative blog. You need to join up with our creative spaces too!

  2. Beautiful story. Great work here.

    Mark Blasini

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