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The benefits of unemployment

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For the last ten months I’ve been unemployed. Not by choice, but by law. But just because you aren’t allowed to earn money doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. So here’s the list of what me and my trusty sewing machine have achieved since November 2011.

For me:

2 pairs of trousers

1 pair of shorts

2 dresses

1 blouse

2 long sleeved t-shirts

4 skirts

3 sleeveless tops

2 t-shirts

1 caftan

1 tunic

3 pairs of underpants

A quilt

6 napkins

For other people:

2 dresses

1 pair of African print trousers

2 pincushions

2 embroideries

1 gardening apron

1 pair of shorts

2 blouses

6 bags

7 purses

1 baby feely-mat

1 Christmas decoration

A wallet on a strap (for under clothing) for our travels

And a garter for a bride-to-be

And I’ll be off-line and having a blogiday (blogging holiday?) for a month or so, so thanks for you support and comments over the last few months and I look forward to connecting with you from the Southern Hemisphere in September some time.

What I made

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The weekend just been I finished a quilt. This is the first ‘proper’ patchwork quilt I’ve made.By proper I mean I used a traditional patchwork design and tried to be as accurate as I could with the measurements. It’s also hand quilted.

This year I am trying to create as little waste in my life as possible and as a consequence most of this quilt is made from scraps of fabric left-over from other projects (predominantly articles of clothing).

It’s also a love quilt for me and the love of my life.

Our new house is full of pale colours and I wanted inject some life, personality and style into it – make it into a home.

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