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It’s been a while

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There’s a blog I follow that hasn’t been updated since last year, and I started to think “What’s happening” which led me to think, I hope none of you are thinking that way about me.

You may have noticed I haven’t been around for a while, everything is OK with me, but I’ve just been questioning where blogging fits into my life. Primarily it was an outlet and connection method for me when I was overseas and not working and wanting to have a virtual show and tell every couple of days with someone, anyone, you guys. Now, we’re back in NZ, I’m working and there’s show and tell a plenty in real life.


I also found myself thinking “I could do that and it would give me something to blog about” and “I should take a photo of A B or C so I can post it”… Not a great reason to be here. I’ve decided my motto for the year is Just Say No. It’s really hard for a self described over achiever like me, but it’s a good challenge. So far so good, but I do feel a real sense of OUGHT and SHOULD sometimes. Trying to let go of that.

To that end, I won’t be here much, but I will still post occasionally and I still enjoy seeing other people’s blogs and stories.

Thanks to all of you that have supported and encouraged me – I appreciate it!

Heading Home

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I thought it was about time for another songwriting post.

This song we actually wrote and recorded in February to commemorate the year anniversary of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake and especially the loss of a friend. I didn’t share it here as I didn’t have this blog at the time, but it seems appropriate that I do now.

We have been living in Holland for a little under ten months and it’s not possible to stay here with the immigration laws the way they are. Consequently we have decided to return to Christchurch and will arrive back there in September – a little under a year after we left. We hope in some way to be able to contribute to the rebuild of the city.

So it’s a time for memories – both happy and sad. And for dreams and new plans. I hope this is somewhat encapsulated in this song.

Joining in here

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Book worm

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I love to read. I think it’s actually vital for my mental health to have a book on the go. My sister (who blogs here) introduced me to this fantastic blog:

The folks here are aiming to compile reviews of all the books on the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list. Great project. So I got involved.

You can read my review of The Life of Pi by Yann Martel here and maybe you might get excited and want to submit a book review too.

And the winner is…

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Thanks to the lovely people who entered my draw and to all the others who didn’t enter but came over for a visit and had a listen to the music. It was a lot of fun!

And now for the winner, I used to choose the winner and it came out as Liz Humphreys! Congrats Liz and I will be emailing you the tracks asap.

What I’ve been up to…

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It’s been a while since I last posted, but I have been busy doing lots of creative things – they just aren’t that easy to photograph!

So here’s what I’ve been doing:

Made a few more bags and purses, and a new skirt. I’m trying to make an article of clothing per week at the moment especially as I’ve now found a really great fabric market!

Finished a first draft of a show I’ve been working on for about three quarters of a year now. Finishing a first draft is both good and bad – YAY I’ve finished, and now wait for feedback, pray that it’s not awful, and then start re-writing the entire thing! Now I get to choose whether to go back to a first draft of a short story I need to re-write or start working on the next piece…

Made some delicious food including mayonnaise from scratch for the first time, and a lovely Mediterranean tomato soup (but ate it all before it had a chance to pose for a photo) and finally working on finishing April’s song – watch this space. It’s called Broken Man.