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African print trousers

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I’ve been applying for lots of jobs and am finding that writing a CV for each is making me less inclined to want to spend time on the computer, so I’ve been a little lax on the blog front recently. So here’s a nice photo to take you into the weekend. It’s of a friend, Jurriaan, wearing pants and a waistcoat I made. He chose the fabric of the pants and had input into the design because (in his own words and said with respect) he wants to dress “like a proud African man”.

The next day was Gay Pride in Amsterdam. He wore the pants and sent me a text later in the day which read: “You are a phenomenom. I got so many compliments today it was really tiresome.”


Easter dress

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Here in Holland Easter (Pas) is a yellow holiday. Think feathers, chickens, eggs and flowers. You can see these in shop and restaurant windows everywhere.

I attended an Easter Monday Brunch in the perfect Dutch Easter Dress – yellow and covered in tulips. Purchased for a mere 3€ at Ijhallen – a second-hand shopper’s idea of heaven.

I’ve been told all my life NOT to tell people how little I pay for my clothes – but in my mind, it adds value to a compliment when I can reply “And I only paid X for it!” I don’t think I’m alone here.

Dress second hand from Ijhallen; belt from St Vincent de Paul in NZ about 10 years ago; t-shirt second hand; cardi from Jason King in Utrecht. Daisy necklace made from an old earring of my gran’s.

Linking up with these lovely ladies over on the other side of the globe where the theme is inspiration. Easter, colour and price all played a part in the inspiration for this outfit.

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